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BDS;LDS;MGDSRCS(Eng);M.Med.Sci.(U.Sheff.); FFGDP(Univ


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Dr. Tony Kilcoyne accepts referrals for Advanced Restorative Dentistry cases. This may involve Implant work, Complex Crown and Bridgework, challenging Cosmetic or occlusal cases etc, etc. Please call 01535 644005 for a referral pack or even refer online at www.smilespecialist.co.uk Thank you.


Dr.Kilcoyne's experiences and professional develop

Dr.Tony Kilcoyne has been accepting Specialist referrals for over 12 years now, from all over the UK and even Internationally too! It is relatively rare to find a Specialist who's available directly on the "high street" in a primary care setting, but Dr.Kilcoyne feels this offers a more rapid accessibility and much shorter treatment times than can generally be offered by Specialists in a Hospital setting, for example.

Dr.Kilcoyne qualified from Sheffield Dental Hospital in 1983 as BDS, then from the Royal College 0f Surgeons as LDSRCS(Eng) in 1984. He went on to teaching part-time at the Leeds Dental Institute, University of Leeds and set up his own Dental Practice in 1986, in Haworth - a beautiful Pennine village better known for the Brontes and it's Steam Railway lines that still run today and where the "Railway Children" was filmed.

As Dr.Kilcoyne learnt and taught more advanced techniques in a Hospital setting, he became frustrated how these were not funded or properly supported in a practice setting in the NHS. Indeed, the more advanced options he offered his Practice NHS patients, the more these had to be done outside of the NHS system and patients had to pay Privately for these services. This was very frustrating for everyone and Dr.Kilcoyne considered giving up Practice entirely and perusing a full-time hospital career so that he could continue to both learn and provide Advanced Dentistry at it's most modern. However, as the opportunity to get more involved with Advanced Restorative Dentistry at the Leeds Dental Institute part-time AND treat more advanced cases in his own Practice was developed, this allowed him to follow Specialist Training pathways whilst keeping his Practice going, though this did mean sometimes working very late into the evenings to have time to do both.


Dr.kilcoyne's Professional Development, part 2.

By 1990 Dr.Kilcoyne had developed quite an expertise in treating Advanced Restorative cases, be they caused by Trauma, excessive wear or many years of dental disease and problems. This was tested in 1990 by the MGDSRCS(Eng) examination, which he passed and indeed led to him becoming an MGDSRCS(Eng) Examiner only 2 years later. At the same time GDS NHS Dentistry had gone through a terrible new contract, which encouraged Dentists to register as many patients as possible and treat all that dental disease in peoples mouths who hadn't been for years! Unfortunately by 1992 the Government said Dentists had worked "too hard" and instead of a productivity bonus (like any other industry would get!) ALL Dentists were rewarded with a swaging cut in NHS Practice Grants (known as gross fees)! This was the last straw for many Dentists who simply felt they could no longer trust the NHS system and has led to more Dentists going Private even for simple Family Dentistry. The crisis in NHS Dentistry today, started here and I like many others asked patients to pay directly for their Dental costs, as they would pay a plumber or a vet, for example. This meant that whilst patients paid more, they got much more time, quality and value long-term from their same Dentist who knew their needs best.

Dr.Kilcoyne's Practice thus became more Private and Specialised and also more referral based, with other Dentists both local and further a field sending us their more challenging restorative cases. Further experience was gained at the Leeds Dental Institute, the Eastman Dental Institute and the Royal College of Surgeons in London. In 1996/97 Dr.Kilcoyne's practice won a national QDA award for the quality of services offered to his patients - this national award was judged by the BDJ, Colgate and Denplan. Dr.Kilcoyne went onto becoming a part-time teacher in Restorative Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Institute and having got his Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (UK) he also became an assessor for this qualification - the highest offered by the FGDP(UK). He also completed a research based Master of Medical Sciences at the University of Sheffield in 2001.

Dr.Kilcoyne's clinical interests have mainly focussed upon practical advances in techniques and materials that can actually be done quickly and effectively in a Practice setting. His own advanced training has often entailed travelling to the USA on numerous occasions and working with and observing the latest techniques at institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania (Ivy league school) and the University of New York. Dr.Kilcoyne has also been made a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an American honours academy that recognises contributions to the science and development of Dentistry.


Professional Development forever....

Dr.Kilcoyne has not stood still, because developments in Medicine and Dentistry continue to move forward quickly. Indeed Dr.Kilcoyne now runs many courses to help other busy Dentists and their teams keep up to date with the latest developments in Dentistry - unfortunately this also sometimes entails warning them to stay away from certain unproven or exaggerated benefits that are advertised, but rarely been proven or are achievable in a practice setting!!!

Currently Dr.Kilcoyne's main interests are evolving around "same-day" solutions to patients dental needs. Thus we have developed "same-day" Implant techniques, which allow the patient to go home with not just the implant surgically placed, but a same-day tooth to go on top too! He also uses a USA same-day tooth whitening treatment that can make teeth TWICE as light in only one hour, without harming the teeth! There are also same-day Crowns and same day Bridges being developed too, which don't compromise quality for speed. There are also same-day occlusal appliances that can cure acute TMJ pain in less than an hour as well as new advances in bonding ceramic materials that look so natural even a Dentist has trouble distinguishing them from natural teeth.

In short, Dr.Kilcoyne is a recognised Specialist in Prosthodontics, which basically includes anything to do with rebuilding or replacing teeth. Whether you would like an achievable Treatment Plan to follow yourself, or wish us to do the more complex aspects (eg: Implants, Cosmetic Smile Profiles etc.) we will be happy to see your patient on referral.

Please call 01535 644005 to arrange an appointment or even refer on line via www.smilespecialist.co.uk We will be pleased to give you our up to date options that are realistic for the patient’s needs and desires. Thank you.


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