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Unlimited verifiable CPD for all the dental team!

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EVERY fifteen minutes spent actively learning on the members section counts as online Verifiable CPD and is recorded automatically for you on your own CPD log. Make the most of the huge range of constantly updated sources with screened links for all your teams learning.

core subjects

Members have automatic record keeping of all your online learning .Why not make all your non- verifable hours verifiable..eveything you learn once logged on is all recorded as verifable CPD!

Why not make it all verifiable? All your record keeping is done for you!


When you need proof of v CPD, including core subject hours, your audited certificate will be sent to you clearly identifying the hours spent in each core subject as well as your general vCPD learning hours.

Your certified verifiable CPD log can be printed whenever requested.
Compliancy with verifiable CPD



Please note: AHPRA don't approve any CPD provider as they are responsible for setting standards, however please be assured that 4everlearning meets their standards for your CPD credits


Compliancy with verifiable CPD

Members ..actively studying  receive verifable CPD

• All learning areas within the members section have specific educational aims and objectives.

Educational outcomes are clearly listed.

• In every online learning area, there is a feedback mechanism.

Verification is by logging on. When logging out, the time online is recorded.


• Your online log is available for printing in the form of a verifiable certificate for sending to the AHPRA when requested to do so.

Verifiable CPD Resource Centre


Examples of verifiable CPD education for 4everlearning.com members

Clinical and management references, articles, study clubs, online learning programmes and much more...

• Private practice conversion. Marketing ,guidelines and business coaching tips

• Peer reviews and clinical governance issues

• Dental associations.Research what the various organisations offer

• What course next? Research the most appropriate learning for your needs

• Guidelines on antibiotic prescribing and other online drug references

• Complying with your radiology CPD requirements...updates and references

• What journals are your colleagues reading? Search for special interest subjects

• Clinical techniques. Updates and study cases. Plus FREE online courses

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Online study groups participation here, also earns you verifiable CPD.

Just 15 minutes a day actively spent on our site 4 days a week, would give you 50 hours of verifiable CPD per year, thanks to our revolutionary "intelligent" programming.
All this from less than $30 per month
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COURSES both clinical and managemnt including the following subjects: Implantology, Oral Medicicne, Oral Surgery, Dental Radiology, Paediatric Dentistry, PCDs/DCP’S Teamwork, Periodontics, Practice Management, Resuscitation and Sedation courses, Restorative Dentistry plus Business and Marketing courses and General Practice management courses.

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